What will you provide when I fill out the questionnaire?

We will examine the details of your questionnaire and provide you with a customized proposal. We will use satellite imaging and solar design software to show you how large of a system you can install onto your home or business and what it will look like. We will show you pricing projections for the system using the payment options of purchase, financing, power purchase agreement, and leasing. We will also compare your energy usage to the size of your property and suggest efficiency upgrades with pricing and savings projections. A quick 10-15 phone consultation will allow us to gather further details about your preferences and needs.

 Will you collect bids from local installers or will you put me into contact with them?

We will be collecting and negotiating bids on your behalf. We know exactly what details installers need to make quotes, by acting as a liaison we drastically reduce the the time and effort that it takes for customers and installers to negotiate bids with each other.

 Will your service save me money on the installation?

Yes. It costs installers $2000 - $5000 in customer acquisition for every installation. Allowing us to negotiate your bid, we will reduce this amount to a fraction and the savings are passed on to you the customer. Sales commissions are worth 3% - %10 of the installation cost, we will drive this down because the sales process is shortened dramatically. Also, multiple local installers will be competing for your project so they will quote the lowest possible price to win the job.

 How does solar work?

Photovoltaic panels installed onto your roof will convert sunlight into direct current (DC) energy. An inverter will convert that power to alternating (AC) current and will be fed into your home through your service panel. Any energy that you do not use will be sent to the utility grid. You will be credited for the energy that you do not use and send back to the grid.

 What does it mean when you refer to efficiency upgrades?

Energy efficiency and building performance is a main pillar in our service scope. If your property is performing poorly or using much more energy than it should, you will have to install much more renewables. Determining how your property is performing and improving upon those systems will ensure the longevity of your property and reduce the amount and cost of a renewables installation. If your property is not performing properly, an energy audit may be required, and that is a small expense to determine what systems can be improved upon before moving forward with any other service.

 How much do efficiency upgrades cost?

It depends on the property, but these upgrades include envelope sealing, duct sealing, ventilation install, insulation, lighting upgrades, and appliance upgrades. Usually, any efficiency or performance upgrade that is installed will pay for itself in 1-5 years. Solar installs pay for themselves in roughly 5-10 years, so efficiency is important and more affordable.

 What options are there for business or commercial properties?

While residential installs are the most common, there are many more options for businesses or corporations. Businesses can take advantage of PACE financing where you can receive efficiency upgrades and renewable installs for no money down and will be assessed in your property taxes. The PACE payments will be passed on to the new building owner if ever the tenant leaves. Corporations have opportunities to join the Business Renewables Center which allows for the purchase of renewables, corporation wide, directly from wind and solar farms. Businesses can also use advanced depreciation to write off a large percentage of installs. There are Renewable Energy Credits, and many state and local incentives as well. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

For immediate design and projections, please provide your address and email.