Group Buy


An opportunity for 3 property owners within the same neighborhood to use their collective buying power to lower the cost of owning a solar energy system.

Equipment is purchased from DG Renewables for a discounted rate, in exchange, we will negotiate bids for installation from 3 of the best installers in your area.


• Up to 30% lower installed cost
• Less time-consuming and less confusing
• Preferred by both customers and installers
• Opportunity to interact and collaborate with neighbors
• Assigned a dedicated solar expert from beginning to end of installation


  1. 3 property owners that live within 5 miles of each other provide information about their property through our online questionnaire and specify their interest in a Group Buy.
  2. We will make individual site designs for each property with an expert recommended system that includes size, cost, and energy output.
  3. When everyone is in agreement, all 3 customers will purchase their complete grid-tied system, discounted 5%, from DG Renewables.
  4. A dedicated solar expert will be assigned to your project and will present the group with 3 competitive bids for installation within 5 business days of purchase.
  5. The chosen installer has 60 days to complete all 3 installations, while your dedicated solar expert remains a resource and ensures quality work until all projects are complete.

Please specify in your questionnaire that you are interested in a Group Buy and we will send you all of the details.

For immediate design and projections, please provide your address and email.