There are many user-friendly resources that anyone can utilize on their own; here are a few of our favorites.

Google Project Sunroof : Type in your home or business address to see the level of sun exposure that your property receives. There is an easy to follow color guide, showing the areas that are the best for solar.


Draw My Roof : Google satellite imagery and drawing tools lets you outline the edges of your roof to see just how many solar panels will fit on certain sections. This is a very easy to follow tool that gives property owners a surprisingly accurate solar design.


DIY Installation : The equipment we sell has been chosen for its simplicity and ability to be used by a wide range of installers. There are dozens of documents and videos that we could upload that explain the installation steps, but this is impractical. We prefer to work with each of our customers individually and take them through all of the necessary steps. Please email our installation expert so he can tailor a custom approach.