Our passion and background started with solar energy installations for both homes and businesses. DG Renewables was created to spread the information and products that are used in professional installations. We want to expose the individual to the very best renewable energy products and help them on their path to a more efficient and independent future.

Everything we offer has been chosen because it meets our criteria and requirements for price, performance, simplicity, aesthetics, and industry adoption. There are dozens of options for each component when shopping for renewable energy equipment. We want to reduce the complexity and only offer trusted brands and products that are able to achieve the performance that you are looking for.

Everybody has a different reason for wanting to transition to renewable energy. Some want to power their home completely independent of the utility grid and others want to save money on their electricity bill or reduce their environmental footprint. Every reason is admirable, and your interest alone makes you a friend of ours. We treat all of our customers individually and want to learn what your goals are, so please contact us and we can start to tailor a custom approach for you.

For immediate design and projections, please provide your address and email.