Feasibility study

A more in-depth look at the potential of a property to support renewable energy. The study includes a basic building model, an initial suggested solar array layout, shading analysis, yearly energy output, and pricing projections. Businesses and organizations can use this to determine renewable energy goals. Individuals can see if renewable energy is right for their home and family.

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Custom Proposal

A custom system and quote will be made depending on the preferences of the property owner and restraints of the property. Included is a detailed equipment list, pricing, yearly energy output, and economic analysis.

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Permitting and Design

Electrical permitting, structural permitting, and interconnection agreement may be required depending on your location and type of installation. We provide all of the professional engineered designs and documents required for permitting and various agreements.

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Bid Collection

We will negotiate with the best local contractors and relay all of the information they will need. Allowing us to collect bids on your behalf has many benefits including:

• Reduced turn around time
• Less confusing
• Less time consuming
• Lower installed cost
• Advocacy through entire project
• Generally seamless process

Creative Shipping Solutions

Receiving shipments can be difficult. We treat each order independently and will find the best and most affordable option for getting our products to you. If professional installation is preferred with any of our products, we can arrange shipping to a local contractor.

Product Support

We are available to answer any questions about the installation, function, or troubleshooting of the products we sell. Keeping a small number of products allows us to be intimately educated about each of them.

If you are considering installing solar for your home contact us first. We will provide you with everything you need to know to make an educated decision.

We save our customers the time, money, and hassle of educating themselves, collecting multiple bids, and dealing with pushy sales people. Our customers pay less than the market average and our process takes a fraction of the time to complete.

For immediate design and projections, please provide your address and email.